RMS Title & Appraisal believes that all companies have the ability to make a positive impact on the world to make a difference. As our business grows, so should our efforts to give back.

Our Responsible Giving Program supports charities that share RMS Title & Appraisal’s core beliefs in addition to their clear vision and genuine compassion. These handpicked charities receive contributions from RMS Title & Appraisal on a regular basis:

JAR of Hope

Rich met James Raffone in 2016 during JAR of Hope’s 10 Push-ups for $10 campaign at his gym. Up until that point he had never heard of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is an inherited disorder of progressive muscular weakness, typically in boys. Hearing James describe the personal story of his son Jamesy being diagnosed with DMD at 4 years old, had a significant impact on Rich as a father. He learned a lot about DMD that day; however he learned more about a father’s will to save his son. RMS Title & Appraisal contributes a portion of each appraisal fee to JAR of Hope.

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Center for Vocational Rehabilitation (CVR)

For more than a half century, CVR has provided what people with disabilities need most for their own self-respect and the esteem of others: WORK. CVR facilitates personal growth and helps bring dignity and respect to the people it serves through a variety of vocational and partial care rehabilitation programs. We collaborate with this organization to successfully help people with special needs.

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