The RMS Title & Appraisal Story

As a young graduate of Kean College, RMS Title & Appraisal President Rich Domanico always had an interest in real estate, but was unclear of where that would take him. At the time, Rich only knew that he wanted to start his own business.

By beginning his career at a residential appraisal firm, Rich used his sometimes atypical working hours to research different business ideas. Little did he know that this initial career choice would be the pathway to achieving his business dreams.

In 1998 Rich co-founded Realty Management Services, with the intent to managing condominiums. He realized it would take time to build up, so he decided to continue appraising houses to maintain a steady income. Suddenly Rich found himself both managing his first condominium complex, and obtaining his first appraisal account. One month later, Rich received an unsolicited call from a mortgage broker who said that he heard Rich was easy to work with. That one sentence stuck with Rich and has since become the mission statement of RMS Title & Appraisal: to ensure that the title and valuation process is easy for our clients, while always maintaining our professional integrity. After continuing to receive calls from additional lenders, Rich realized that property appraising was his future.

At RMS Title & Appraisal, Rich and his team are committed to maintaining a relationship with clients that is caring, professional and dedicated. In 2004, RMS expanded further when they launched RMS Title Services to afford lenders, attorneys and homeowners the ease of ordering title insurance and residential property appraisals from a trusted service provider.

Now, fast forward to 2017, RMS Title and RMS Residential Appraisals have merged to create RMS Title and Appraisal, uniting title and valuation services within one outstanding company.