A professional real estate appraiser is expected to be impartial and motivated only by accuracy and fairness. This differentiates a professional appraisal from a statement of market value prepared by a real estate agent or broker, whose typical goal is to obtain a real estate listing and earn a commission. Even if that is not part of the agent or broker’s motivation, it may still be perceived that way by sellers or purchasers.  Additionally, only a licensed or certified appraiser can provide an appraisal that is typically required by banks for mortgage lending purposes.

At RMS Title & Appraisal, we believe a good appraisal is the product of several factors.

  1. We make sure all our appraisers are trained to RMS Title & Appraisal standards, which go above and beyond professional requirements such as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.
  2. We believe in good communication with our clients, so the end-product can be delivered as expected, in advance of deadlines, and in the client’s preferred customizable appraisal report format.
  3. We maintain our professional integrity and accuracy by reviewing every appraisal with an in-house appraisal review team, checking for quality and value, fast turnaround times and ensuring that a fair appraisal value is determined.
  4. We offer competitive pricing and our in-house capabilities can accommodate rush orders.
  5. We offer a range of appraisal services, from drive-by appraisals to full appraisals of complex properties.
  6. We pride ourselves on being responsive, reliable and trustworthy.

We can and will do RUSH appraisals in as little as one day to help you meet rate lock deadlines or other contingencies.

For more information about appraisals in general, please visit our FAQs page.