Asset Valuations & Forensic Reviews

RMS Title & Appraisal is the trusted source for many lenders who need to review difficult appraisals to determine their validity. We have completed full and drive-by appraisals for asset valuations on short sales, pre-foreclosures and real estate owned properties. Since the housing market crash, many of these properties are in various states of disrepair. Our appraisers are skilled in estimating the repair costs and the potential profit margin necessary for buyers who might be interested in repairing the property for a quick sale.

Estate and Divorce Appraisals

RMS Title & Appraisal works directly with attorneys and accountants for estate and divorce appraisals. With an estate, appraisals are done as of the date of death. In the event of a divorce, a property must be evaluated as to fair market value so assets can be divided. In the case of a contentious or litigious situation, many of our appraisers have testified as to their findings in court.