A residential real estate appraisal is an opinion of the value of real property by professional appraisal standards. Since 1998 we have completed more than 100,000 of these reports. We can customize our approach to fit your needs. We understand that this is a time-sensitive service because of rate fluctuations and have the experience and personnel to get this done on your schedule. Factors to be considered include sales of comparable properties, the current cost of reproducing or replacing a building and the value that the property’s net earning power will support, for example, anticipated rentals in a multi-family dwelling.

Certified professional appraisals are also useful for Realtors to demonstrate to clients what the market will bear. A neutral assessment of a residence’s fair market value can help set a realistic price for a property.

Additionally, a professional appraisal helps Realtors and owners evaluate competing offers. This is essential in the process to obtain a mortgage.