RMS Title & Appraisal has extensive experience working with various private lenders and investors from across New Jersey. In fact, on average we close over 50 real estate transactions with these unique clients per month. No other title insurance agency can match that.

We are committed to making sure that our clients have a smooth and worry-free experience. RMS Title & Appraisal gets ahead of any potential hidden title problems such as errors or omissions in deeds, mistakes in examining records, forgery or undisclosed heirs. We work with our clients to obtain deeds directly from the sheriff’s office to minimize any potential issues or setbacks.

In every situation, RMS Title & Appraisal makes every effort to cater to our clients' needs and requirements. We are comfortable closing in an LLC name if need be and providing any and all required search work and documentation. On some private lender deals we have closed transactions that may include one blanket mortgage that requires one title policy for multiple properties. With our experience there is nothing that RMSTA cannot handle – if we have not already handled it before.


All of real estate is unique and sometimes private financing can be the only option for the purchase of commercial and residential properties. For the past several years RMS Title & Appraisal has been the appraiser of choice for private lenders and investors across New Jersey. We assist private lenders by determining the fair market value of the real estate assets for hard money loans and other private financing. Our ability to find information on sold, pending and active comparable properties to ensure an accurate valuation is unparalleled.

RMS Title & Appraisal is also experienced in handling “after repair value” appraising. In these cases of “rehab financing” we are experts at recognizing the specific challenges during this process. We take all the necessary steps both verify the as-is conditions of the property and seller motivations. RMS Title & Appraisal evaluates the projected repair budget and similar properties sold in the area to better judge for accurate evaluations of work to be completed to protect lenders and investors. If need be, we can also potentially help you find alternative financing and bridge loans for your needs.