Enhanced Owner’s Title Insurance Through RMS Title & Appraisal

Title insurance helps protect your assets long-term. If you’ve recently acquired property, the transfers of ownership throughout the years might have put your property at significant risk. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, and inheritance are all examples of life events that could have happened with your property and instances where potential errors could have occurred during the transfer process.

While title insurance is vital to protecting yourself and your property, most standard policies only cover unforeseen losses before the policy date. Enhanced owner’s title insurance takes your protection a step further by protecting your assets before and after the policy date and offering more robust coverage. This is important because mistakes can often arise during the buying and transfer process and throughout the ownership journey, making owners liable and putting them at risk.

Enhanced owner’s title insurance with RMS Title & Appraisal can put your mind at ease by offering the coverage of a standard policy as well as additional benefits to protect your property that include, but are not limited to:

  • Protection against post-policy forgery or impersonation, leaving you with no record title or with mortgages on your home that you did not make.
  • Protection against neighbors building encroaching structures onto your land after you purchase it.
  • Full coverage if anyone records a deed, mortgage, or other documents that describe your property. Or creating a cloud on your title and causing you to incur legal expenses and the time uncertainty and inconvenience of correcting it.
  • Coverage for lack of physical access for both vehicles and pedestrians to and from your home.
  • Protections against subdivision law violations of the previous owner.
  • Coverage for building permit violations of previous owners and the peace of mind of knowing if any parts of your home were built without permits at any point.
  • Protection against zoning law or regulation violations of previous owners, which you would be forced to remedy or remove.
  • Coverage for encroachments of your existing structure onto a neighboring property or easements affecting your home.
  • Protection against residence with the address shown in the policy not being located on the land described.
  • A 10% increase in policy amount for the first five years, increasing coverage to 150% of the original policy amount.

An enhanced owner’s title insurance policy is the best available to protect your ownership rights and can make your property more marketable in the future. In this way, when you opt for more coverage with this policy, you insure yourself as both a buyer and a seller and are granted more peace of mind no matter where your ownership journey takes you.

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