As a courtesy to our customers we have added a Quick Quote Calculator to our site. It provides an estimate of the NJ Title CDF Form and reflects the closing costs that will need to be paid by the Borrower in a purchase or mortgage refinance transaction in the State of NJ. Circumstances may vary, causing actual rates or fees to differ than those given by this estimator. Every effort has been made to provide the most accurate information available, but these amounts should be considered as estimates only.


RMS Title & Appraisal has taken every effort to ensure the quality of the data and the other information available on this website and is not to be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion with respect to a particular real estate transaction or any matters related thereto, including the obtaining of title insurance. You are therefore urged to retain independent legal counsel of your own choosing to advise you in connection with any proposed real estate transactions. Engagement of RMS Title & Appraisal to provide title insurance and related services in connection with a real estate transaction is not a substitute for the retention of independent legal counsel. RMS Title & Appraisal and it’s family of companies do not guarantee, and assume no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, correctness or completeness of information available through this website. Any conclusions that users draw from the information presented here are their own and cannot be attributed to RMS Title & Appraisal. The charges presented are a minimum estimate. Additional charges may be assessed when unusual conditions of title are encountered, when special risks are insured against, or when special services are requested. In the event such charges are made, agreement thereto will be obtained in advance in writing from the person(s) or entity obligated to pay all or any part of such charges.