Getting It Sold: 3 Tips for Staging Your Listing During the Holidays

To sell or not to sell during the holidays, that is the question! While spring is typically regarded as the ideal time to sell a house, holiday season real estate can also reap some surprising rewards. For example, Investopedia suggests selling your home during the holidays because the inventory is generally low, so the buyers who are looking are serious about purchasing. Homebuyers might be especially eager now since, after two long years of inflated prices in New Jersey, it was recently reported by that new listings are down in twelve counties, and median home sale prices are down month-over-month in sixteen New Jersey counties.

If you’re not willing to wait and are motivated about listing your home, then there are two holiday listing rules of thumb to consider. Firstly, you must get an appraisal to ensure the most accurate valuation for your property. Holiday buyers are determined during this time of year, so having a pre-listing appraisal done by a trusted appraiser will help streamline the listing process.

The second consideration is to decorate your property for the holidays to help incite that festive feeling in potential buyers. Decorating can be a great way to make the space feel more comfortable for buyers. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between tasteful decor and a holiday ambush. So, today we’re detailing our top tips for staging your listing during the holidays.

  1. Keep It Cozy
    Create a sense of warmth by lighting festive-smelling candles, or have a fire roaring in the background (when possible) while you showcase your listing. Simple touches like these can curate an effortless, cozy atmosphere and make buyers feel comfortable in the space.
  2. Keep It Simple
    Too many holiday decorations can make a space feel cluttered. It’s also important to remember that not everyone celebrates the same holidays, so going overboard in any one area might put buyers off. Keep the decor minimalistic with simple winter foliage like eucalyptus, evergreens, and pine cones. You can also utilize religious-neutral colors like silver and white as a slight touch.
  3. Keep It Bright
    While multi-color festive lights may remind you of spending the holidays at Grandma’s, they can distract your buyers. So opt for white or yellow lights this year and only highlight specific parts of the home or structure that emphasize the overall look without getting in the way.

Now that you know the best ways to incorporate subtle decor, it’s time to decorate! 

Yet, before you deck the halls, you may need a skilled appraisal partner to provide an accurate valuation of your listing so you can maximize the property’s worth. If you need a fast appraisal this holiday season, our RMS Title & Appraisal team can help! We provide timely and trusted appraisals for residential properties, even during this busy time of the year. 

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